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Crevice Gardening for Neophytes

Pacific Rim Institute 180 S. Parker Road, Coupeville, WA, United States

Crevice gardens are a distinctive form of traditional rock gardens, as they emulate alpine rock environments where plants grow in small crevices between upright slabs of rock. A team of Master Gardeners designed and built two crevice gardens at the Education Garden at Greenbank Farm. This presentation describes their experience at each step of the […]

Managing Soil Functions for Productive, Healthy Environments

Held via Zoom - click here to register

Dr. Doug Collins will discuss the importance of soils and how soil organisms encourage healthy soils. He will also discuss the effects of soil amendments and other management practices on soils. Doug Collins is an Extension Professor and Soil Scientist with WSU’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources. Doug has a Ph.D. in soil […]

Meadowcraft: The Alchemy and Science of Creating and Maintaining Native Wildflower Meadows

Held via Zoom - click here to register

While the Pacific Northwest is famous for vast forested landscapes, expansive and sunny wildflower meadows once occupied tens of thousands of acres in a thin linear band extending from British Columbia to Northern California. Largely erased from contemporary memory, these regional “prairies” were biologically supercharged with pollinators and grassland birds, aesthetically captivating, and a primary […]

Whidbey Gardening Workshop

Oak Harbor High School 1 Wildcat Way, Oak Harbor, Washington, United States

The Whidbey Gardening Workshop took place on March 2, 2024. Please visit the Workshop website for details,

The Secret Life of the Amazing Apple

Pacific Rim Institute or via Zoom - Please register for email notification

The Secret Life of the Amazing Apple is presented by Dr. Eric Curry. What do you know about the peel of an apple? Is it just something to be removed before filling a pie or so much more? Come learn the protective functions of apple skins and the aberrations that are clues to the fruit’s […]

Plant Sale

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Good Bug / Bad Bug

Master Gardener Education Garden at Greenbank Farm 765 Wonn Road, Greenbank, WA, United States

Learn about beneficial insects and how to control the bad ones without pesticides. Presented by Sharon Collman, who is a founding member of the Master Gardener program and retired from WSU Extension after 44 years. Sharon remains professionally active and is currently working on a demonstration pollinator garden, while continuing to photograph and study insects, […]